People Who can Already Work From Anywhere:

For those seeking location independence.

Pat Flynn @ Smart Passive Income – Big thanks to Pat! This guy has all the information you need to get yourself on the path to internet marketing success! If you need some motivation SUBSCRIBE TO HIS PODCAST. It’s simple no-nonsense motivation to get your producing!

Tim @ Freedom – I just started listening to this guy. You can

Bulletproof Exec – Dave Asprey is super motivational. From bio-hacking to just being the greatest entrepreneur around, he’s got something to add.

Time Ferriss – If you don’t know about this guy you must be living in a digital cave. You can check out his books about business and fitness. He is all about becoming time rich and hacking the system to get the most out of your time.

Srinivas Rao – He does Blog Cast FM which is a really great podcast about blogging and finding success via the internet.

Jeremy and Jill Salvador – I got lots of inspiration from Jeremy. Obviously, I’ve used his style in reporting finances herein. Thanks a lot Jeremy and Jill!

Virtual Business Lifestyle – Chris Ducker is a great interviewer and he is constantly bringing on really inspirational guests! If you want to hear from the greatest minds in lifestyle business design, SUBSCRIBE TO THIS POD CAST!

Lifestyle Business Podcast – Dan Andrews keeps it entertaining. This is a bit more of a raucous business inspiration to get shit done. Subscribe to their podcast! Dan also keeps a job board of resources for anyone hiring, looking for gigs, or offering services. You can check dan out at Tropical MBA too.

Adsense Flippers - Just because Justin and Joe are living in the Philippines running an business process outsourcing company. These guys have a good podcast and they provide TONS of great advice for entrepreneurs. Check them out.



Niche Site Building:

Long Tail Pro – This is my most useful, all around keyword research and competition analysis tool. This is the best tool because it allows you to search heaps of keywords AND know if there is a direct domain name match.

Host Gator - I use Host Gator for my hosting. They are amazing at fixing all my screw ups. When I’m having problems getting info because I’m at a library in New Zealand or a jungle internet cafe in Costa Rica, they are a blessing to send all my problems to. I highly recommend them for hosting. - I use GoDaddy to save that $5 ($15 with HostGator – $10 with GoDaddy) domains with Host Gator. It’s easy to register with GoDaddy and transfer the NameServers to HostGator.

I no longer suggest using GoDaddy because they are experts at getting you to buy stuff you don’t need. Now I suggest: – These guys cost a few cents more than host gator but they give you free domain privacy and certified domain status for a whole year.

Business Organization Tools:

Evernote – This program rocks. Stay organized and use the cloud.

Future Simple – This is the CRM software that we use at The Referral Squirrel.

Base Camp – This is the location independent head quarters we use to run Referral Squirrel.

Help With Travel

Couch Surfing – START A LOCATION INDEPENDENT LIFESTYLE HERE! Even if you have a full time job and it’s going to take you a second to transition into location independence, you can start by hosting people! Hosting is a great way to get motivated by inspirational world travelers.

WOOFing - This is a great way to start off especially if you only have a few months to get out and about. I’ve learned some of my most valuable lessons on the road while woofing.

Fruit Picking – I traveled all around Australia picking fruit. Though this isn’t ideal, in Australia you can make good quick money and you do it while on the road. Money made on the road has leverage money made at home doesn’t (link with more information later.)

Jackaroo Work in Australia – Being a cowboy is filthy, lonely and awesome. I think riding a horse full steam surrounded by a thousand mad cattle is pretty much a dream for most people. I’ve done it and it rocks. Great way to save cash and have the adventure of a life time (link with more information later.)

Airline Miles

Hacking the airline and credit card mile system should be the goal of every  gallivanting digital nomad. I’ve just begun this process and here are my best resources:

Chris Guillebeau lays out a system earning travel miles with travel cards. I’m just starting this so I anticipate solid feedback around August 2012.